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TradeScientia is a professional tool for traders.

TradeScientia provides daily handpicked opportunities for immediate execution and connects with Tradestation accounts easily.

Our professional trading tool is designed for retail traders and delivers quick results in a comfortable manner.

The use of our TradeScientia app allows you to participate in the markets with semi and full execution allowing you to save time and relax.

TradeScientia offers a trading school designed to allow you to learn at your own pace. You pick the time, place and speed of your learning.

Professional mentor forums are available to you.

Courses and live demonstrations of trades.

TradeScientia is a breakthrough technological system built for retail traders.

Connected to the leading GPS for trading

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About Tradescientia

TradeScientia is an advanced trading solution that enables you to receive trading opportunities every day, and execute them directly and seamlessly onto your TradeStation account.

This is a unique solution concentrated on the trader. Lack of time, hassle and stress are all neutralized with this sophisticated solution that enables you to execute trades anytime, anywhere.

Our products enables you to enjoy the a true semi- automatic trading solution; enjoying the full power of automation while retaining control. A true 360 degrees solution for any trader.

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GPS for traders
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increase customers loyalty and trading volume
One click trading execution systems creates a bridge between the app and the TradeStation trading platform.
Full Execution (FES)
Money Management
Full transparency of the portfolio • Ability to intervene in every trade Tension Free Fully Automated Trading • Investments based on mathematical models • Models combine advanced technology tailored to each financial asset individually to manage • All information is accessible 24/7 in the app including charts

Trading School

Wide range of technology offers the opportunity to increase value for clients by adding a fully customized trading school to client's app.

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